Welcome to Extraordinary Ordinary Project…

Extraordinary Ordinary Project is a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday lives of parents – who also happen to be entrepreneurs.

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and thought “HOW do they do it?”

The perfectly styled house, the dreamy workspaces, the children seen happily doing homework, the delicious homemade meals and of course – the on-point outfit from head-to-toe.

Perfect, right?

Well XOProject is here to pull the curtain back and shine a light on what’s really going on.

Our mission is to share the (sometimes glossy, sometimes gritty) real stories behind parenting as an entrepreneur through in-depth interviews and peeks at home base. We’re not here to show you a completely stylized version of life that says you can have it all – our vision is to create community through sharing the unique experiences of parenting while starting and growing a business.

Some of what we share will be undoubtedly inspiring – and there’s nothing wrong with that when it’s authentic. But being aspirational isn’t the XO Project goal – the reality is that life as a parent and entrepreneur is enough pressure as it is, and we want to strip away the filters and showcase how families can make it work across a range of situations, lifestyles and industries.

So what will you find here? Expect candid interviews about parenting, work/life balance (the existence of which is yet to be confirmed…), lifestyle management, and the struggles and successes of being an entrepreneur. We chat with entrepreneurs across a range of industries – from arts and culture, tech, retail to restaurant – capturing them in their element. You’ll get real-life tips and tricks, advice, anecdotes and more.

We’re here because we believe in magic in simple moments, happiness through truth, and that the Extraordinary exists in the Ordinary.

Joelle Segal and Jessica Gedge are long-time friends, creatives and Co-Founders of ReBash, Toronto’s Raddest Wedding Market.

Joelle is inspired by nature, pattern and colour. Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph and a Fine Art degree from the University of Newcastle in Australia. Her event work has been showcased in WedLuxeWedding Bells, and Brides.com while working with her sisters at inBloom Event Design. She currently runs a graphic design firm, Lovely June Design Co and loves to go on dessert dates with her two little girls.

Jessica has always had a passion for style, design and entrepreneurship. She has a keen eye and ear for what’s on trend and is putting her Communications and Sociology education from York University to good use running a marketing and communications consulting agency. She was Co-founder and Creative Director of Domistyle Gifts, a high-end kitchen accessories line, where her work was featured in such publications as LouLouChatelaineInside Weddings and Style at Home. Jess relishes being queen of the house with two wild boys (three if you count her husband).