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Creative Problem Solving Document

As an entrepreneur and a ‘do-er’ at heart, when faced with a problem it can be hard to hold back from getting straight into solution-mode! Sometimes that works and sometimes you need to take a step back and approach the issue from another angle.

We’ve developed our spin on the creative problem solving framework – jump right in and get a step-by-step process for solving problems and getting over obstacles. We face them on the regular when we’re business-owners, so having this framework has helped us immensely.

Let us know what you think! Hit us up with comments and suggestions about how you tackle your problems with business. If you need that next level of servicing, don’t forget to check over here and we’d be happy to book a chat with you!

Download the document here!

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Monday Motivation Quote Round-up

If you’re anything like us, you love a good inspirational quote. And since you’re here we know that you want to hear from entrepreneurs who are also parents. So we’ve rounded up the most inspiring quotes from our interviews to date. Click each quote to see the article – enjoy!

“That thrill of just following your heart without knowing what’s at the end of it is what I find most fascinating about running a business.”

Sandy Tam

“Work hard when you are in business mode, be present when you are in family mode and remember to make time for yourself.”

Lorrie Everitt

“I usually ask myself ‘How will I make others’ lives better today?’”

Lucas Chang

“It’s now or never. Don’t do this when you’re old.”

Hidde Zomer

“Most of my inspiration comes from within – it’s what I want my life to be.”

Doris Wai

“I love working with people who are extremely talented and passionate about what they do.”

Lonelle Selbo

“Being an entrepreneur and an athlete are very similar. Like sports, entrepreneurship is grounded by hard work, focus, team effort, discipline, time management, taking action on uncertainty, speed, rebounding from failures and the list goes on.”

Nunzio Presta

“Not everyone is going to hire you and that’s ok.”

Mindy Applebaum

“I never want to fall short of a client’s expectations – customer service is the most important and that’s why all our business comes through strong referrals.”

Dwayn Ramadhin

“Choose and move – keep pressing on.”

Emily Chung

“There’s room for all of us doing what we love to do.”

Jess McEwen

“You either get the result that you wanted, or the lesson that you needed.

– Lisa Canning

“Work-family balance is so important, and I think you need to set some real boundaries around when you are working and when you aren’t.”

Lee Hawn

“Creating the most extraordinary life with my kids and setting an example of unlimited possibilities for my kids is my ultimate driver.”

Oonagh Duncan